pink lemonade discontinued


Tweaker PINK LEMONADE was a unique product to the Tweaker line-up as it had added calcium for those looking to add calcium to their daily diets.  This added calcium at times would settle and crystalize on the bottom with instructions to shake before use.  Since this was a departure for most of our users, we had a few consumers contact Tweaker concerned with the settling calcium.  Since our mission is to provide the highest quality product at a value price, we felt it important that we eliminate these concerns by simply discontinuing the production of PINK LEMONADE.  In 2015, all distributors were notified to pull and discard product in addition to advising their retailers to do the same.  We have received a few reports that there are some establishments still selling this product.  Efforts have been made to ensure that this does not continue.  Hopefully, our outreach has effectually addressed all instances.  However,  we  kindly ask those in our Tweaker Shot community who become aware of the PINK LEMONADE SHOT still being sold or distributed to please forward the store contact and location information to



Since Pink Lemonade was such a popular flavor, our flavor technicians are hard at work on a formula that eliminates any settling of the calcium.  Stay tune for a possible new and improved version in the near future.

We appreciate all who enjoy our Tweaker family of products and we’ll continue to strive to bring you the best value.